Saturday, December 31, 2011

13 days of Insane Courage - Day 13

Day Thirteen – Celebrate

Insane Courage celebrates the little things.

Have you heard the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?”  Well that’s not the theme of people with Insane Courage.  Our theme is “Celebrate Good Times Come On!” 

The car note is paid – “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

The kids slept late so I was able to complete the housework and laundry - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

The kids slept late so did I - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

All the bills are paid and we still have $30 - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

Gas has gone down 10 cents - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

Winter is here and my allergies are gone - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

God woke me up this morning with vision and purpose - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

My mom is alive busy and well - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

The headache from yesterday is gone - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

My children are healthy and their teeth are straight - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

My child is in jail and not in the street - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

I have 2 less pounds to loose - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

Your small accomplishments - “Celebrate Good Times Come On!”

Insane Courage celebrates the little things.

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13 days of Insane Courage - Day 12

Day Twelve – Serenity

Insane Courage embraces the lifestyle of the Serenity Prayer.


1. the state or quality of being serene,  calm, or tranquil; sereneness.

Really, in this time and day with all the things that must be accomplished before I turn 20, 30, 50 …Serenity.  Impossible.  Deadlines, long lines, hustle, bustle, get it done, be here, get there, needs, wants, multitasking, and sleep tasking ….Serenity, yeah right.

Serenity, isn’t that for people who have nothing to do.  Those people who can just sit around and watch life happen rather than get involved and make life happen.  Serenity was for people in the olden days no one is serene now. 

Insane Courage embraces the lifestyle of the Serenity Prayer.  Serenity is a choice one makes on purpose.  It will not happen by osmosis but must be diligently sought after on purpose.  It is the mindset that outside influences will not permeate inner peace.  To be serene is to be at peace with God and one’s self.  There is no Serenity outside your “best” life purpose given to you by God.  You have been designed to have serenity when you are acting out of your “best” life purpose. 

Serenity is to do “your” part and allow God to do the rest. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.  It is time to accept you are human and have been given limits by the almighty God to only be able to do so much.  He did not design you to do all things because that is His job.  He wants you to come to Him in serenity and turn the things you cannot do over to Him, who can do all things.  Serenity prays and let’s go of the things it cannot change.

Serenity has the “Insane courage to change the things I can.” Do your part.  You can speak up against the atrocities in your community and nation.  You can parent well with the skills you have acquired as you learn better ones.  You can take better care of your body and eat well.  You can choose to serve God and love Him by keeping His commandments.  There are so many things you can do and in doing them you will experience serenity. 

“And wisdom to know the difference.”  You are perfectly designed to know when to say when.  Wisdom only loads its plate with the things which will lead it to its “best” life purpose.  Nothing more – Nothing less.  Wisdom will not let outside influences, whether spoken or unspoken rob it of its peace.

Slow down and smell the roses.  They are blooming all around you but you are in such a hurry you miss them.  Serenity is a choice. 

What in this life is keeping you from living a life of Serenity?

Insane Courage embraces the lifestyle of the Serenity Prayer.

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13 days of Insane Courage - Day 11

Day Eleven – Career

Insane Courage never settles for a job but always strives for a career.

It is embedded in our mind from when we were young to go to school, get good grades and go to college so we can get a job.  Not only was it embedded in our minds but it was also exemplified in the actions of the adults we looked up to.  Our parents followed the path, our neighbors did as well and our friend’s parents followed the same instructions.  We saw them day in and day out going to work only to come home and talk about how they hate going to work and what a lousy boss they had.  Although this type of existence seemed like insanity to us, we followed the same trend and now look as us.  Bored, underpaid, underappreciated, and existing at work.

What if we flip the script in our mind and decide to do more?  Maybe even become more than a person with a job.  What if we pursue a career?  You know, something that fulfills us.  Something that we could consider as our life’s work.  What if we deliberated on what interest us the most, what we are most passionate about and devise a plan to capture it?  Life surely would be different.  Money would no longer be our motivator.  Having our “best” life purpose fulfilled will now be the driving force behind our decisions.

Insane Courage never settles for a job but always strives for a career.  A job is a specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation for an agreed price. While a career is an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifeworkThe main difference is with a job your motivation is just money to pay the bills but with a career instead of money being your motivator your motivation becomes fulfilling your “best” life purpose.

With much work and proving yourself a job can become a career.  For instance, you may start out working at a fast food establishment to earn money but eventually you realize you really like the company and can see growth opportunities that will bring about your “best” life purpose.  You are willing to put in the extra time and take the extra training to move up the ladder of success with the company.  Now your motivation has changed from seeing your position as a way to make money to a way to fulfillment.  You are now on the career path.

What if you thought the career you have was your “best” life purpose but now you are beginning to doubt and have grown frustrated with your position?  I suggest you honestly evaluate why you are feeling the way you do.  Has something changed in your personal life and you think changing careers will bring new fulfillment?  Sometimes aging, adding children, marriage or the desire to make a geographical move will cause you to question your career choice.  If you can rule out these things then ask yourself, “Has something changed in the company that is causing me discontentment?”  Maybe you have a new manager or maybe the work they are asking you to do is too much and outside your scope of training, not to mention mundane.  If you have evaluated everything and still want to make a change then DO It.  You only have one life to live and I believe you should live it to the fullest. 

Insane Courage never settles for a job but always strives for a career.  No more “Jack of all trades and master on none.”  Are you going to just hold down a job?  It’s up to you to research out what God has for you to do and then do that.  What will it take for you to get off the existing merry-go-round and get back on the path to contentment?

Insane Courage never settles for a job but always strives for a career.



Friday, December 30, 2011

13 days of Insane Courage - Day 10

Day Ten – Teachable

Insane Courage searches out teachable moments daily.


I have one life to live and I plan to squeeze all the potential that has been placed in me out before I die.  I know there is so much more to me than what I have accomplished and I want it all.  My vision for life is full of places I have not gone, books I have not written, lessons I have not taught, even dreams I have not dreamed.  But where do I begin?  Where does my rubber meet the road?  How will I stretch myself and allow myself to become more? 

These are all questions that must be answered but there is a problem with my focus and approach to answering these questions.  The problem is I must admit and accept the fact that I cannot squeeze my potential out by myself no more than toothpaste can squeeze out its potential. 

Insane Courage searches out teachable moments daily.  It is my responsibility to allow life and the people strategically placed in my life to be used of the Spirit of God to teach me.  I must embrace the mindset that everybody that is giving me instruction is not trying to destroy my dreams.  Even though my plan may be good I must accept the fact that there are better and more efficient ways to do everything.  I don’t want to miss any opportunities to reach my potential so I must be willing to allow others to give advice that I will seriously consider.

Remaining teachable opens many new doors than the mind can conceive.  Allow others to pour insight into your vision and stretch you to fulfill your “best” life purpose.  You haven’t experienced your greatness yet.

Are you going to remain ignorant or will 
you allow yourself to be taught?

Insane Courage searches out teachable moments daily.

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13 days of Insane Courage - Day 9

Day Nine – Joy

Insane Courage exhibits the power of joy.

What if today was your last day on earth?  Would you finish the last assignment on your desk at work? Would you allow traffic to stress you? Would you argue with your brother about who drove out all the gas in the car? Or would you do the things that brought you the most “joy.”  Hands down if you are honest your last day would be filled with the things and people that bring you the most “joy.”  At the end of the day you would leave this earth expelling the biggest belly laugh you had and with a smile on your face. 

Insane Courage lives each day as if it is the last.  Laugh loud, grin big and smile more.  Choose to have joy in everything you do.  Refuse to do anything if you do not have joy in doing it.  Joy is a state of mind which only people with Insane Courage will dare exhibit.  Joy is what drives many cancer patient’s cancer into remission. Choosing joy keeps families together in the darkest of storms.  Joy kindles the fires of passion in your life.

People with Insane Courage to exhibit the power of joy are willing to embrace the principles to maintain joy. First you must have harmony in your life.  This harmony is mind, body and soul working together to accomplish the goal of you living out your “best” life purpose.  Secondly, you must have the Insane Courage to appreciate where you are in this stage of life.  Accept that God knows exactly what He is doing and has not or will not make a mistake.  Your God is so much bigger than your perceived dilemma. Thirdly, have realistic expectations.  Sometimes you may have to break your big goals into smaller chucks.  This makes it easier to obtain and keeps the passion of your joy full.  Finally, enjoy the moment with unrehearsed abandonment.  Laugh until you cry, play hard, live well just enjoy life. 

I believe we are a part of the earth today in order to experience the joy of living.  Not to live frivolously but to live wisely according to the plan God has given us for our “best” life purpose.

Insane Courage exhibits the power of joy.

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13 days of Insane Courage - Day 8

Day Eight – NO

Insane Courage is not afraid to say “No.”

Have you ever wished you would have said No!  Like the time you were asked to run an errand you knew would take you 20 minutes out of the way and would interrupt your schedule for the day.  How about the time you were down to your last $30 and your son came in and asked you to purchase a scooter for him because all the other kids had one on the street?  I know we all can look back at situations and instances that we really should have said “no” but yet the first thing that came out of our mouth was “yes.”
It’s easy to say “no” in our head the problem is getting our mouth to speak it.  No one can read our minds and although our actions are saying “no” our mouth betrays us and says “yes.”  The main reason I have found that people have trouble saying and meaning “no” is that we have been conditioned to believe that keeping the peace means we have to always say “yes” no matter how we really feel. 

Women especially have a difficult time saying and meaning “no.” Women have been bamboozled into believing that if they say “no” then they are not, “Good Christian Women.” Although research has proven that this double standard teaching is at the root of many serious women health issues, the standard is still prevalent in our society. 
Insane Courage is “Not” afraid to say and mean “No.”  There is a special anointing on the word “no” when used appropriately.  I say that with great sincerity and conviction.  When you possess the Insane Courage to say and mean “No” you will find yourself walking in more peace than you have experienced in a long time.  Your frustration level will diminish and your enjoyment of life will return. 

Saying and meaning “no” does not take away from who you are or the passion you have for life.  What it does it allow you to be and do you like you were designed.  You will become freer to exhibit your “best” life purpose. 
Some will even say that if you tell someone “no” you are being selfish. The truth is, saying and meaning “no” can be the most selfless thing you could do.  For instance, if you are asked at the last possible moment to give someone a ride and in doing so it will make you late to a very important appointment (having a promised scoop of ice cream with your child) you should feel free enough to say and mean “no.”  Here is why, because your mind and focus are on keeping your promise you become frustrated and aggravated.  You give them a ride as a so called good person would.  Your attitude is not right and you rush to take them wherever it is they need to go.  They may get to their destination but believe me your attitude and frustration have affected them as well.  But if you would have said “no” they may be upset for a moment but believe me they have other alternatives for a ride if not the lesson is plan better.

Insane Courage is not afraid to say and mean “NO.” Saying “no” does not have to be mean or nasty it can be polite and matter-of-fact.  Often you can say “no” with your actions.  When something needs to be done and you do not do it, your actions have just said “no.”   If you feel like something is an injustice speak up and say "No." Just say “NO” and see how your life will improve and you will continue on your path to your “best” life purpose.