Thursday, August 22, 2013

Medicating a healthy active child should be the very LAST resort. Pray for their influencers.

 Medicating a healthy active child should be the 

very LAST resort.


Pray for Everybody Who Influences Your Children


Let's face it, most children are at school or daycare for an average of 9 hours a day.  They spend on average 10 hours a day sleeping and eating. Factoring in mid-week church, after school activities, and homework, parents have less than 5 hours a day to influence their children.

Doesn’t it seem reasonable and sensible to spend time in prayer for those who are influencing your children? I have found such truth and strength in accepting the village to help train my children.  God has blessed each child with a village of partners. 

Somewhere along the way the parenting message has been misinterpreted.  Parents, especially mothers, believe every part of the training of their child is their responsibility.  It is true you have been chosen to effectively manage their training.  But it is also true that the village must be allowed to fulfill their purpose in the training. 

Each pastor, Sunday school teacher, musician, coach, teacher, administrator, cafeteria worker, bus driver, business owner, and the list goes on, has a specific role in partnering with you to train your child.  God chose these partners before your child was born. 

Understand that you will not like every member of the partnership.  God’s goal is not for you to like all the partners.  His goal is for your child to mature in the partnership.  It takes partners you like as well as the ones you don’t like to mature your child. If your child only experienced the good in life, they would crumble when pressure comes. 

Pray for those who partner with you in influencing your child for maturity in Christ.

1.   Praise God for choosing the persons who will partner with you   in training your child for an abundant life.

2.   Praise God for the institution in which the partnership will flourish.

3.   Ask God to help you trust His decision for the partnership.

4.   Ask God to help you share the training responsibilities with the persons assigned to your child.

5.   Ask God to allow the time your child spends with any person in the partnership to be positive.

6.   Ask God to help your child find favor with the partners He chose.

7.   Thank the Lord for His grand plan.

8.   Thank the Lord for enlarging your child’s territory and stretching their possibilities.

9.   Thank the Lord for this partnership which will mature them for future success.

10.         Thank the Lord for allowing you to be the parent in the partnership.

Viewing the influencers in your child’s life as partners sent from God should assist you in valuing their contribution.  Each person is an asset that should be appreciated. When God adds a partner to your family portfolio, the dividends are His reward. 

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Monday, August 19, 2013

When you pray, you become more than a spectator in their life.

Medicating a healthy active child should be the 

very LAST resort.


Each child deserves to be prayed for by name daily.  When you pray for your child by name you open up endless options for a bountiful and productive day.  When you call their name in your prayer they hear they are important and their future is important.  Your few audible words of prayer spoken over them daily will make a difference in the decisions they make throughout the day.  

As time goes by, the energy you put into praying for them daily will pay off in dividends you will treasure for a lifetime.  Your prayers will shape their foundation and the foundation of your grandchildren.  

When you pray, you become more than a spectator in their life.  You are now in the position of participator.  Your prayer aligns you and your child with the plans of the Spirit of God for their life. You take on an active role in shaping God's purpose in their life as you pray.

Without your prayer, your child could potentially struggle through school. Your prayer equips them to look beyond the hard test, teacher, or exercise routine.  It shines a light on their potential to excel.

Things to consider when praying.

1. Praise God for your child (say their name)
2. Praise God for their knowledge of Him
3. Praise God for their commitment to Him
4. Ask God to reveal His plan for their success to them (say their name)
5. Ask God to protect them
6. Ask God to bless them with wisdom, knowledge, organization, and understanding
7. Ask God to give them committed Christian friends
8. Thank God for helping them pass every test in school and personal judgement tests
9. Thank God for giving them favor with each teacher (say their name)
10.  Thank God for returning them home to you better than the way they left
11. Thank God that He gave them to you to parent (say their name)
12. Thank God for _________________

Dare to Pray Circle's around your child. 

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Medicating a healthy active child should be the very LAST resort.

Medicating a healthy active child should be the 

very LAST resort.

A new school year is approaching most school districts in Texas.  Some parents are delighted at all the new opportunities available to their child. Nevertheless, some parents dread the end of summer.  The summer in which their child was free to be creative and curious.  

The summer camp counselor looked forward to your son's antics and exploration. Now you must face the school teacher's constant complaints about the same behavior

Let me begin my saying there is hope for your child.  You have given your best to make sure they succeed.  Your efforts are not in vain.  Most importantly, please believe God has great plans for your child to succeed.

This blog is to remind you of the dream you had when your child was born.  The possibilities were endless.  They could be whatever they wanted to be.  They would excel at whatever came to their mind.  You even dreamed that one day they would bring about a change in the family, community, and even the nation.

These dreams are still available.  Have you noticed that most dreams come on the backdrop of darkness?  It is dark when dream with your eyes closed.  You can't see how something is going to happen when you daydream.  It may seem dark right now. Be assured the dream will be revealed at the right time.

A dream puts everything you do into perspective.  It has the ability to predict the future.  Dreams give you a focus for your energy and expands your reach.

When you stop dreaming your child will loose hope.  Lost hope in childhood breeds a hopeless adult.  And a hopeless adult never realizes their potential.

Dare to dream and act on that dream. 

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