Monday, August 19, 2013

Medicating a healthy active child should be the very LAST resort.

Medicating a healthy active child should be the 

very LAST resort.

A new school year is approaching most school districts in Texas.  Some parents are delighted at all the new opportunities available to their child. Nevertheless, some parents dread the end of summer.  The summer in which their child was free to be creative and curious.  

The summer camp counselor looked forward to your son's antics and exploration. Now you must face the school teacher's constant complaints about the same behavior

Let me begin my saying there is hope for your child.  You have given your best to make sure they succeed.  Your efforts are not in vain.  Most importantly, please believe God has great plans for your child to succeed.

This blog is to remind you of the dream you had when your child was born.  The possibilities were endless.  They could be whatever they wanted to be.  They would excel at whatever came to their mind.  You even dreamed that one day they would bring about a change in the family, community, and even the nation.

These dreams are still available.  Have you noticed that most dreams come on the backdrop of darkness?  It is dark when dream with your eyes closed.  You can't see how something is going to happen when you daydream.  It may seem dark right now. Be assured the dream will be revealed at the right time.

A dream puts everything you do into perspective.  It has the ability to predict the future.  Dreams give you a focus for your energy and expands your reach.

When you stop dreaming your child will loose hope.  Lost hope in childhood breeds a hopeless adult.  And a hopeless adult never realizes their potential.

Dare to dream and act on that dream. 

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