Monday, December 31, 2012

Love Speaks - Endures Hardship Imposed by the Actions of Another.

The psychologist’s reports are in and according to them, the generation born between 1984 and 2002 are in danger of being one of the worst generations ever.  According to their research, they will be lazy, uninvolved and self-absorbed. The study goes on to say their ability to see and feel what others do is lacking as well as their ability to stay committed and complete a goal. 

Reading their report about this generation is worst that being in Texas and listening to the weather man’s report of icy rains, which have many bridges and overpass’s iced over.  If you are from Texas, you know what that mean.  People will test the limits and drive fast over the ice which ultimately ends up in a spin out, and if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time you will become involved in a wreck due to their insolent behavior.

It seems to me as though the psychologist said the same thing about the generations up to 1984.  They have rearranged the words, but the essence is the same.  The generation is helpless and hopeless. The good news is this is not news at all, God said it first.  In the garden of Eden after Adam sinned God began His plan of redemption.  His plan of redemption involved every generation and is still available today.  It covered Moses’ generation, Noah’s generation, Ruth’s generation, David’s generation, Jesus’ generation and your generation. 

The all-mighty God could have erased mankind from the earth and began a fresh, but He decided to redeem them instead.  His son Jesus came as our redeemer and died as our remedy and rose victoriously as our restorer.  His love endured all things so that we can have the grace of God active in our lives again.

Love speaks grace while enduring hardship imposed by the actions of another.

That is what Jesus did when He encountered Martha as He entered the city after the death of Lazarus.  He spoke grace to the bystanders through His tears because of their unbelief.  Jesus spoke grace to the woman caught in adultery.  His love spoke grace to Zaccheaus when He called him down from the tree.  His enduring love spoke grace to His disciples each time their doubts, pettiness and fear overcame them.  Jesus’ enduring love speaks grace to us each time we think we do not deserve it.  His grace agrees we do not deserve it but He gives it to us based on His love for us.  That’s enduring grace.

His greatest expression of an enduring love has been placed in your hands.  You are his heart of love, His hands of love and His feet of love.  You embody His love to His people of the world.  His love speaks in how you treat your neighbor. His love speaks in your salute to your spouse. His love speaks in the way you discipline your children.  His love speaks in the manner in which you treat the waitress.  His love speaks in your smile, your wave, your hello to a stranger.  His enduring love speaks through you.

Endurance takes patience, tolerance and adversity.  Psychologist may have the right hypothesis, but Christians have the final proof. The generation is exactly what God had in mind. Although the adversary wants to control them, we are positioned to endure with patience until the end. 

We dare to hold out with unyielding commitment to this generation.  With God as our guide and love speaking through our actions we “Win.”

13 Day Love Challenge

Day 12

Write a love letter to someone who would never expect to receive 
it from you explaining all the things you thank God for in them. 

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